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Sustainable Living Is Coming To Mexico In A BIG Way

Sustainable home construction is the future and companies like Échale are allowing you to pave the way, brick by brick.

Day in and day out, poor quality housing or lack of housing is one of the leading social issues in Mexico. The severe housing shortage has led to many families in urban communities finding themselves living in overcrowded and poorly developed housing, or simply without any form of housing at all. For many, the cost and informalities associated with proper housing across the region have just been too costly to consider. In most cases, these families live in some of the most impoverished communities with informal jobs, which renders housing opportunities even more difficult to attain.

However, organizations like Échale have set out to solve this multifaceted issue, one home at a time. Échale is a sustainable community housing and infrastructure developer which has created affordable homes throughout Mexico using a combination of technology, financial resources, social inclusion, and innovative thinking.

Affordability is the largest catalyst of the housing crisis considering the reality that most families need to construct their own homes yet have little means to purchase the necessary construction materials. Luckily, through the technology used by Échale, locals are offered the opportunity to participate in various building processes. This only provides a steadier source of income for individuals, but also boosts Mexico's overall economic growth.

Ecoblocks are the primary building material used during the development process. As indicated in its name, these blocks are recyclable and sustainable, with a bioclimatic design that reduces CO2 by 30%. Échale's cost savings come from the onsite manufacturing of Ecoblocks, eliminating material transportation expenses thanks to their transportable hydraulic machine.

A study conducted by the IPA revealed that: "In Mexico, a survey found 62 percent of respondents lack a basic financial education and were unaware of their rights and responsibilities with respect to financial institutions, and according to the 2012 Visa Financial Literacy Barometer, Mexico ranks in the lowest third of the 28 countries on questions relating to having a household budget or savings set aside for an emergency." Thus to address yet another social issue in Mexico, Échale's financial counterpart, the Community Financial Society, also delivers financial education on topics like credit and savings services to participants.

Through addressing the housing crisis in Mexico, Échale has developed over 250,000 homes within 28 states while providing over 450,000 jobs and benefiting over one million people. This is the power of redefined capitalism - capitalism that works towards benefiting the greater good.

Similarly, here at CAЯBON, we are addressing some of the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges through scaling sustainable solutions. With our latest innovative technology, we can move towards improving quality of life and economic stability across the globe. Not only do we perform due diligence to make sure that executing sustainable solutions will benefit the global population, we also ensure the cost savings will pay for themselves through job opportunities, health, and profitability. We believe that through the power of community, we can elevate humanity.


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