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This is your moment.

Own it.

"I want to offer students the most valuable gift: opportunity. I grew up in a small town with limited access to industry and no network. I always wonder what could have been if I were just given a chance. So that’s what I want to give to you.


Our internships are for students seeking to prepare for the real world and want to stand out from the competition - whether it be for investment banking, venture capital, law, startups, marketing, film, social entrepreneurship, or media.

This can be very demanding at times - but that’s life. 
If you really want it, you need to give it your all, and hold nothing back."


Shayne Veramallay

Founder & Managing Partner


Anjali Mahadevia
Deepal Chhabra
Richard Cao
Mike Sahara
Anna Hope Kabongo
Naman Rungta
Khavand Peddi
Fikemi Aiyepeku
Kelsey Haines
JP Johnston
Purandhya Vij
Hitarth Parmar
Efua Agyare-Kumi
Hannah Ye
Clayton Gelfand
Alex Gao
Patrick Gyimah-Denso
Sanchir Baatarzorig
Zineb Benkirane
Arhant Shah
Stella Shi
Riya Bhandari
Shashank Singh
Vanessa Jiao


Samuel Brobbey
Nadia Saponara
Isaiah Cox
Harsha Goparaju
Aqib Mohamed
Priyanka Patel
Akash Nawal
Peter Nowicke
Kishan Rohitkumar Patel
Arjun Sharma
Shivam Sharma
Ish Khan
Kartikey Ranakart
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